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Another Concept Album!?

Well. I’m on hiatus, and it’s maybe probably going to be a longer hiatus – like through the summer, maybe coming back around fall. Look now, before you start crying, we all have other lives to lead. You can’t spend all your time at Beau shows and at Beau appearances and Beau book signings. It’s just not healthy. We’ve talked about this before.

But, hey hey, while I’m away, I have to tasks. Finish TALENT for Pete’s sake. It’s a great record that shouldn’t die a quiet death. It’s got some great songs, and I’m tempted to say screw it all and just put out a record of covers. Why not, it’s a thing I love.

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Beau: The Myth, The Legend, the Phone is ringing.
TAL3NT!Beau Hall is an Atlanta Blues Legend.

Just ask him yourself.

Beau mixes rock with blues and funk, pulling from influences like Chuck, Prince, Jimi, Keith, Stevie. If there’s a singer/songwriter who played guitar with a groove and sang with soul, Beau has tipped his Stratocaster to them.

Rarely does the entertainment industry encounter an artist as honest and egotistical as Beau Hall? Not only is he an amazing singer-songwriter-guitarist- drummer- keyboard- bass- harmonica- violinist, but he’s also a fantastically talented designer- copywriter- programmer- geek-and-a-half. In fact, you’re reading his writing right now! Calm down. It’s only words.

The real thrill comes from listening to music. The music celebrates living, dying, the pursuit of procreation, the agony of bondage and whatever else that happens to catch my attention that day. Yesterday I wrote a song about the misery of people who use the elevator to go just one floor. Seriously. You should yank those people back onto the elevator and tell them “oh HELL no!”

Please, look around, see the sights, the noise, the music. It’s all the biggety-bomb.

This new site highlights the upcoming CD, “TAL3NT!”, but you can also download the previous worldwide smash “UNH!” by registering on this site. You’ll gain access to that CD plus the Download Of The Week!, a quarterly download that’s supposed to come out every week. What do you expect, this ain’t a rolling stone magazine you know…

Recent Show Recaps
Over the past few months, we’ve (okay I’VE) been changing around the lineup, looking for the perfect beat, searching for that something special, turn around bright eyes. During that time, the band name has been about as flexible as something flexible that would be funny to put in this paragraph about now but I’m lacking the brilliance because it’s Monday morning shut up. YOU try to be awesome non-stop all the time every day. That’s right. Two words: your mom.

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  • Gotta take that first step.
  • Day one, Monday, Oct 15

Well. Every journey starts with a first step blah blah and all that. I’ve been talking about doing this next CD for damn near 18 months. I finished recording and mixing UNH! in June or July of 2005, and the CD release was prematurely held on August 29th I think. And the actual CDs shipped on Sept 2.

And now, I’ve got the songs, I’ve got the parts, I’ve got the time, I just ain’t got the motivation or self-structure to record the next one. So here we go. I’m putting the structure in place, in easy-to-do baby steps.

Some quick background: The whole CD’s going to be tracked at my house. I think. Unless I can find a place to go be louder than hell for the vocals and the solos. Then those will be done elsewhere, but for the most part, we’re looking at the CD being done at “AWESOME TAL3NT Studios, Marietta, GA”

But hey bitches, if you have a studio and you want to let me use it for free – and LET ME USE IT THE WAY I WANT TO, without any input or suggestions, then, by all means, be my guest. Otherwise, it’s the Beau Cave for me.

Beau Halls Rock Contact Details

  • California, USA